Saturday, February 11, 2012

What's a Lifelaps?

A Lifelaps is a video montage of about 1,000 photos 
crammed into a 4 minute music video.

The Lifelaps Story


It was my daughter's first birthday and I wanted to make a special movie of her first year of life. Well, as any photographer would know, I had a ton of photos! And as I went through trying to only choose some, my conflict arose, I couldn't part with any of them. 
That's the beauty of digital photography right? 
We can take so many photos... 
but what do we do with them?


Like a flip-book, when I put the photos together 
and crammed them into a small amount of time, 
I would magically see her first year go by in a flash! 

From this:

To this:

Just like that.

The Product

The video I made was awesome! 
It made me and everyone who watched it cry. 
It truly was an amazing video.
And it was such a huge hit at her birthday party, 
I realized I wanted to provide this gift for others. 
So my husband and I came up with the name Lifelaps... 
because it's a time-lapse of life.

And now you need one!
You can do a Lifelaps for anything:
              • Wedding
              • Special Vacation
              • Baby's First Year
              • Birthday
              • Study Abroad
              • Anniversary
              • Travel
              • Grandma's Birthday
              • Over the Hill
              • Valentine's
              • Christmas
              • Or just because

The possibilities are endless!

How to do it?

It takes 3 simple steps:

1. Organize
  Create a digital file with all the photos you want to use. 
(about 500-1,000)

2. Flashdrive
 Put that file on the flashdrive I mailed you 
& fill out the customer info form.

3. Mail
Mail both items back to me.

That's it!

From that point I do the rest 
and in about 1 week 
your Lifelaps is done and online for your viewing.

As soon as your Lifelaps in complete with your approval, 
I mail 3 DVDs, labeled and packaged, to you.

If any of this seems confusing or daunting, 
no worries! 
I will work with you step by step to make sure this is easy for you. 

If you have any questions 
please comment or contact me:

Photos to Video to Love.


1. Do my photos need to be digital?

2. What if my photos aren't digital?
     There are a few options. 
1. You can scan them in yourself.
2. You can send me your photos and I can scan them in for an additional fee of            $50.
3. You can send them to a photo company and they'll digitize them for you. It will cost about $150-$250.

3. How do I choose a song?
     First I'll send you a few options I think would be best via email. You can also send me a few songs you'd like. From there we'll work together to find the perfect song. 

4. How many photos should I use?
     I would recommend no less than 500 photos and no more than 2,000. I usually use around 800.

5. What's a flashdrive?

6. Do I need to use my own flashdrive?
     No, when your photos are ready, I'll mail you an 8GB flashdrive and you'll mail it back to me.

7. What if I loose my flashdrive? 
     There is a $10 replacement fee is the flashdrive is lost or damaged. 

8. How do I pay for my Lifelaps?
     I take cash, check, or credit card.

9. Do I pay before or after my Lifelaps is done?
     Before. As soon as I get your payment I start your Lifelaps.

10. Can I make payments?
     Unfortunately, no.

11. What if I don't want my video online?
     No problem. Just let me know ahead of time and I won't post it online.

12. Can you ship my DVDs to different places?
     Absolutely! And there is no extra cost if it's in the US

13. Do you pay for shipping expenses?
     Yes! Shipping and handling is included with your Lifelaps.

14. Do my photos need to be in sequential order?
     Yes and no. If your doing a Lifelaps where you see the growth or time change such as a Birthday or Baby's 1st year, then yes. If your doing a Lifelaps of one event such as a wedding or special vacation then no, unless you want them in order. 

15. What if I don't like the Lifelaps, do I get a refund?
     I want to make sure you love your Lifelaps! Let me know what you don't like about it and I will try to fix it. However, if you don't like anything about your Lifelaps and you don't want to fix it, there is no refund. But I know you'll love it!

16. How long does it take you to make the Lifelaps?
     Every Lifelaps is like a painting- they're very different! and I approach every Lifelaps in a different way so I can't say how long each one takes. Overall it's usually done in about a week. 

Email with any other Lifelaps related questions!